Terrace Hills Kuta Mandalika

Terrace Hills Kuta Mandalika

The construction of villas in Mandalika is a promising national and international investment as the city that hosted the 2021 Moto GP has become a special economic zone (KEK) that carries the Indonesian government's blue economy concept.

The city of Mandalika features exquisite natural beauty, making it a super-priority tourism destination (DPSP).  The planning area of Terrace Hills Kuta Mandalika is located 3.4 km from the international circuit Kuta, Mandalika, Lombok and is hilly in contour. 

The steep contoured geographical condition of the land is a challenge in planning. Moreover, the client's request to maximize the sales area of the land became our main focus in the planning process. Through study and market analysis of land sales competition in Kuta Mandalika area, cut and fill is a practical way to maximize land sales. However, the consequences on construction cost and ignoring the natural condition of the contour were our main concerns. 

We adapted the concept design plan of Kuta Mandalika area from several references of contoured urban planning in European countries such as the cities of Matera, Almafi, Cinque terre (Italy) and Lisbon (Potugal). We utilized the steep areas that cannot be build as public facilities, such as access roads, green open spaces that function as parks and infiltration areas, so that the land sales area can be maximized. We utilize the natural formation of the existing contours, eliminating the need to change the natural formation in the area. The application of a terraced shape using a retaining wall strengthens the character of the urban concept of Terrace Hills Kuta Mandalika. With this regional planning design solution we can reduce construction prices and maintain the sustainability of the area. In addition, we designed a planting villa prototype as a solution for villa development in the Terrace Hills Mandalika area. The Villa Tanam prototype is adapted from the character of the land and the environment and is the right solution for development on contoured land.

The Urban Klare Aksa team has a focus on business analysis, thus the application of our design is oriented towards sales strategies. Based on market analysis, the location of the land is on the highest position and has a great view of the Mandalika circuit and the beach. To equalize the selling value of the lower plotting area, we positioned the main entrance gate in the lower area of the hill, so that easy access facilities can equalize the selling power. The location of the main entrance gate in the lower area emphasizes the terrace accent, which is the main concept of the Terrace Hills Kuta Mandalika area.